If images work well for your local business, get on Pinterest today!

Pinterest is driving more online sales than any other network. It’s time for local businesses to take notice.

Whip out your camera and start snapping.

Social Mouths have published some excellent Pinterest observations. Their most important reflection was this:

‘As a small business, there is absolutely no reason for you not to be on it. Just the referral traffic is reason enough but if you start driving some sales, that will be really really good.’

Here are some other important points from Social Mouths:

  • Pins with price tags get 36% more likes than those without it
  • Pinterest contributed with 17% of social media driven revenue in Q1 2012, up 16% from Q2 2011
  • Buyers coming from Pinterest are spending 10% more than the ones coming from other networks
  • Brands are growing faster than on Twitter
  • On Shopify, the average order coming from Pinterest is $80, higher than any other site including Google, Amazon and Facebook, which has an average of $40


Sign up for your Pinterest account. Add your business logo and full details.

  • Create boards! Separate your Pins (pictures) in to themes (boards). For example, if you run a clothes shop, create boards for hats, shoes, dresses, skirts.
  • When you post a Pin, make sure you add a description and a link to your website or social media spaces if you don’t have a website.
  • Upload pictures that are colourful, imaginative and interesting – the aim on Pinterest is to upload images that people will want to re-pin (share).




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