Daily Deal Industry Set For Shake up as New Competitor Launches

OnlyUncle.com, the People’s Website is positioning itself to deliver the best promotional platform for businesses to grow with and leave consumers smiling with great savings.

The daily deal industry is set to be turned on its head with the launch of an explosive new website which promises to completely abolish commission charges for businesses listing a deal in order to offer the nation’s SMEs a real opportunity to get back on their feet.

Based in Birmingham, OnlyUncle.com has eliminated all the typical transaction charges businesses using deal and voucher sites to promote their offers are accustomed to paying. There are no commissions, no hidden or added charges, no buy coupon schemes and no other gimmicks, making business simple, straight forward and most importantly, profitable.

Most traditional daily deal portals charge the business a huge percentage of the value of their sale. With the price already heavily discounted to attract shoppers, the business faces making a loss just to make a sale. OnlyUncle’s objective is to turn this sales model on its head to regenerate the country’s high streets and online communities with a great value product, a huge potential marketplace and numerous incentives for businesses.

The site wants to change the way that daily deal sites do business by providing a platform where consumers and businesses can engage with one another in an environment that promotes fair access and great value for all. Rather than taking a huge chunk of the profit from the daily deal sales, Only Uncle has a fixed fee structure which means small businesses can promote themselves on a professional level for less than 1p per day. There are no contracts and no tie-ins with any of its online promotion and daily deal packages.

Vinny Hira, Founder of OnlyUncle said, “Daily deal sites have been gouging businesses and consumers at both ends for far too long with few if any benefits for the business or the buyer. Too many small businesses are vanishing from local communities because they are unable to make ends meet and this has to stop.

“We are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure local businesses, their communities and the economy recover in a sustainable manner. What we are doing is an integral part of that recovery. It’s much more than just doing business. It’s about people.

“We feel so strongly about that that we are putting our money where our mouth is and launching a daily deal site that doesn’t charge commission. We have backed this up with a written commitment and a unique concept which provides a platform to engage consumers and businesses, and that delivers what the business wants, not what the deal site wants.”

Unlike most daily deal sites, OnlyUncle also gives business users the opportunity to interact with the consumer database, allowing them to tailor deals to existing customers.

Business Development Manager Paul DeCouto said, “OnlyUncle is about more than just buying and selling, it’s about bringing the local community together and supporting local businesses – the very life line of every community. The opportunity to network and create relationships is a very significant part of what OnlyUncle.com brings to the table, something that is lacking in the deal site sector at the moment. We offer what is arguably the best promotional platform for SMEs to grow with and succeed, to get people spending and to help turn around small businesses which have been badly hit by the recession.”

To view deals and find out more visit http://www.onlyuncle.com

If you would like to arrange an interview with MD Vinny Hira or require any further information, please contact Paul DeCouto. Tel: 0871 218 0711. Email: pauldecouto@onlyuncle.com

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