shares Insider Secrets with Local Small Businesses to promote their own Daily Deals at vital time in the economy

The People’s website is showing SMEs a way to fight back in a troubled economy with their new ‘Daily Deals Tool Kit’

Small businesses continue to be hit hard by the economic down turn, and many are falling by the wayside, disappearing or restructuring to stay alive.

According to The Independent’s recent analysis of small business, it indicates that there are more threatening signs ahead. The financial crisis is having a direct impact on consumers which tighten their wallets, and leaves small businesses in a perilous position.

Despite bailouts, most banks are still unwilling to provide concrete financial relief and support to small business. Government initiatives are grinding forward but the clock is ticking on the very livelihood of thousands of SMEs across the UK.

Big business is eating up small business, putting people out of work and destroying the very fabric of these communities.

For small business owners, the harsh reality becomes very clear, go out of business or take steps to stay in business. The problem then becomes how to keep the business alive, make it grow and sustain itself without available capital or the expertise.

Many SMEs have turned to big business daily deal companies but only to be gouged by extortionate commissions, add on fees and no support.

Many more just don’t understand what it takes to reach their target audience, what strategies or platforms to gain more customers from.

OnlyUncle is living up to their promise to help SMEs by producing a digital platform that offers a small business the ability to promote and market itself effectively with ease and complete autonomy.

“More than ever, there needs to be clear cut simple strategies in place that will make a difference to a small business owner’s bottom line. This is our ongoing commitment to SMEs across Britain. Big business is not helping one bit. OnlyUncle will lead the way with definitive ways to help the little guys win back that business and keep growing,” indicated Founder Vinny Hira.

The team at OnlyUncle have created their new ‘Daily Deals Tool Kit’. This is a compilation of 4 Insider Secrets to get your business moving. They show you how to clear stock, attract new customers, generate more sales and create publicity. And is just the beginning of more initiatives to help small businesses.

SMEs get all this and much more for less than 10p per day (£29.99 per year + vat).

The best bit is that once you’re a member of the OnlyUncle family, they will continue to support your business with ongoing advice, tips and tools which would cost literally hundreds of pounds.

Business Development Manager, Paul DeCouto pointed out, “High streets all over the UK are in trouble. What’s it going to take to wake people up to this? It’s going take a concerted effort by the small business community, backed and supported by their customers to stop it. We are part of the front line of attack. Remember David and Goliath? We are here to help small business succeed, and that you can count on”.

Actually OnlyUncle wants to be completely transparent with local businesses to help them grow their sales and continues to campaign for consumers to support their local economy.

OnlyUncle’s mission is to get thousands of signatures started this week and is encouraging everyone, who wants to save the high street to sign up.

The ‘People’s Website’ is determined to demonstrate that there are viable means to get the economy kick started, and that they have a solution that will pay dividends for small business.

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