High Streets Hit Back!

The BBC news have today reported that some provincial UK high streets have struck back against the economic crisis and are doing better than they have done in a long time.




This means that people are now looking to the high street in their local towns in order to buy the things that they need instead of hitting bigger near-by cities.

Local spending has therefore boosted provincial high streets, like Rotherham, with shoppers translating into sales. This can not be said of all UK high streets but it certainly gives individual store owners some hope for the future.

Reasons why people are returning to their local towns to spend their money include expensive travel costs to bigger shopping complexes in cities, and more importantly, the possible realization that if we don’t start spending money in the high street, they may well soon disappear.

Only Uncle’s
task is to encourage consumer spending in local high streets in order for them to flourish as oppose to fade away.

OnlyUncle.com provide consumers with a platform to find the latest discounts on their local high street in order to save money while at the same time giving business back to small high street stores allowing them to thrive in difficult times.

List your business on OnlyUncle.com today to gain exposure to customers in your area.

Your neighbouring shops are bound to sell cheaper and more unique products than many larger shopping centers. So next time you hit the shops, help high streets hit back by checking out a near-by high street. Put what would have been your travel cost back into local economy by shopping locally.

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[Image courtesy of http://www.thestar.co.uk/'Old-fashioned: Cara Chapman, owner of Whistle Stop Sweet Shop in Rotherhams Imperial Buildings. Picture: Andrew Klinkenberg']

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