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Our mission is to equip small businesses with the affordable online tools (plus free advice) that they need in order to make the most of the opportunities that having a digital presence can offer them.

We want to help give all local businesses a voice online, so that they can be heard amongst the large companies that dominate consumer attention.

Remember all those restaurants in London that served home-made food and were run by family members? Remember how they had to close down because a high street chain opened next door and stole all their business? So do we and we want to do something about it.

Show your support in fighting back against the large companies that knock small local businesses off of the map.

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Daily Deals Site Announces It Will Pay Shoppers £10 Per Recommendation With New Referral Scheme

With family debts creeping up by 13% last quarter and household incomes falling by 7% since May , the UK’s poorest families are being offered the chance to top up their incomes by a brand new daily deal site – launched earlier this year to help small businesses enjoy a slice of the multi-million pound daily deals market without the hefty commission fees associated with similar services, the site is now turning its attention to the rest of the local community. It has launched an innovative referral programme which rewards shoppers with a £10 cash back payment for every business they recommend to founder Vinny Hira said, “We know all too well that it’s not just small businesses that are struggling in this financial climate. People are working harder and stretching their incomes too and in many cases, struggling to make ends meet. Our new partner referral programme is a great way to generate extra income. It’s important to note that we want to share our future with people everywhere. OnlyUncle is more than just a deal site. It belongs to the people.”

The new comprehensive rewards and referral package from not only helps shoppers to earn money by recommending local businesses, it also encourages stronger links between local high streets and local shoppers by providing cash bonuses for the most sales.

The cash for referrals scheme has been kept deliberately simple to make it as easy as possible for shoppers of all ages and technical abilities to top up their incomes. Most significantly, the £10 per subscription payment made by the daily deals site for each recommendation is uncapped, meaning there is unlimited potential to generate a second source of income as the festive season approaches. Business Development Manager Paul DeCouto said, “There are so many affiliate programmes and incentive schemes around that limit earning potential and impose strict conditions, that our primary objective with our referral package was that it must be simple. We don’t want to make it impossible to take cash out or set unrealistic targets. As the people’s website, we wanted to reward people each and every time they recommend a business to us. It’s a simple straight forward structure that offers excellent returns for participants. And you don’t need to be an affiliate expert or marketer. With ongoing support and promotional efforts, partners will be in a position to earn without limitation. The best part is that it’s 100% free. People interested in becoming a referral partner just have to register to get started.”

In addition to the fixed fee payment of £10 for each referred business joining, the small business promotion experts are offering a monthly cash prize of as much as £10,000 for those making the most sales. During the launch period, the bonus is doubled meaning the first shoppers to encourage their local stores to sign up could win £20,000.

Spreading the word is made easy with a personal unique link for each person signing up to refer businesses. The link can be shared via existing social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter, turning connections into cash at the click of a button.

Note to Editors: If you would like to arrange an interview with MD Vinny Hira or require any further information, please contact Paul DeCouto. Tel: 0871 218 0711. Email:

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People’s Website Leads Way Forward with Key Benefits for SME’s has created a platform from which both businesses and consumers can reap the rewards in difficult financial times. It’s simply a winning combination!

Retail figures have posted an unexpected slump this summer, as part of the on-going recession that plagues the UK. Every type of high street business has been hit, from the large chain corporations to the smaller, more local shops, bars and restaurants. Wet weather across the country has resulted in Britons postponing summer shopping trips, and the Olympic-fever which was supposed to offer a much-needed boost to retail spending never quite got off its feet. The Bank of England has affirmed its stance; that something must be done to improve buying and selling, and an answer has finally is a revolutionary new platform which offers SMEs the opportunity to get back on their feet with a unique approach to daily deals and online promotion.

The brand-new deal site offers UK businesses the chance to reach out and target audiences in an affordable way. The digital platform aims to revolutionise the way local businesses interact with their client base, provide scope for expansion and unlike other sites, does not charge a commission on daily deal sales for participating businesses.

All too aware of the precarious economy, OnlyUncle has spent two years developing this turnkey solution, which offers strong savings for both customers and businesses alike. As Christmas approaches, many firms will need to start coordinating their festive strategy, developing budget-friendly ways to increase their sales and boost profits. OnlyUncle offers just that: a cost-effective online promotional and daily dealspackage which brings buyers and sellers together.

“We need to get people spending and businesses selling. That takes a shift in the way things are done. Buyers expect value with tighter budget control at this point in time. And sellers need to find ways to make that happen. That’s where Only Uncle comes in. We want to bring people together,” says Founder Vinny Hira.

The benefits of the new platform are clear: investment can start at as little as 1p per day with a number of channels through to customers and a range of complimentary online media tools developed by the site specifically for UK SME business use. Unlike many daily deal sites, is supremely affordable for even the smallest of organization as there is no commission on any deal sold through the portal. All terms and conditions are completely at the discretion of the participating business. Mr Hira added, “Ultimate control, high traffic and consequently, high dividends. That is what sets OnlyUncle apart. No other daily discount site offers so much value for such a low price.”

OnlyUncle is not about upselling clients. It’s about creating a positive and sustainable community for SMEs, as well as having long-term positive economic impact on both buyers and sellers.

To view deals and find out more visit

Note to Editors: If you would like to arrange an interview with MD Vinny Hira or require any further information, please contact Paul DeCouto. Tel: 0871 218 0711. Email:

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The People’s website is showing SMEs a way to fight back in a troubled economy with their new ‘Daily Deals Tool Kit’

Small businesses continue to be hit hard by the economic down turn, and many are falling by the wayside, disappearing or restructuring to stay alive.

According to The Independent’s recent analysis of small business, it indicates that there are more threatening signs ahead. The financial crisis is having a direct impact on consumers which tighten their wallets, and leaves small businesses in a perilous position.

Despite bailouts, most banks are still unwilling to provide concrete financial relief and support to small business. Government initiatives are grinding forward but the clock is ticking on the very livelihood of thousands of SMEs across the UK.

Big business is eating up small business, putting people out of work and destroying the very fabric of these communities.

For small business owners, the harsh reality becomes very clear, go out of business or take steps to stay in business. The problem then becomes how to keep the business alive, make it grow and sustain itself without available capital or the expertise.

Many SMEs have turned to big business daily deal companies but only to be gouged by extortionate commissions, add on fees and no support.

Many more just don’t understand what it takes to reach their target audience, what strategies or platforms to gain more customers from.

OnlyUncle is living up to their promise to help SMEs by producing a digital platform that offers a small business the ability to promote and market itself effectively with ease and complete autonomy.

“More than ever, there needs to be clear cut simple strategies in place that will make a difference to a small business owner’s bottom line. This is our ongoing commitment to SMEs across Britain. Big business is not helping one bit. OnlyUncle will lead the way with definitive ways to help the little guys win back that business and keep growing,” indicated Founder Vinny Hira.

The team at OnlyUncle have created their new ‘Daily Deals Tool Kit’. This is a compilation of 4 Insider Secrets to get your business moving. They show you how to clear stock, attract new customers, generate more sales and create publicity. And is just the beginning of more initiatives to help small businesses.

SMEs get all this and much more for less than 10p per day (£29.99 per year + vat).

The best bit is that once you’re a member of the OnlyUncle family, they will continue to support your business with ongoing advice, tips and tools which would cost literally hundreds of pounds.

Business Development Manager, Paul DeCouto pointed out, “High streets all over the UK are in trouble. What’s it going to take to wake people up to this? It’s going take a concerted effort by the small business community, backed and supported by their customers to stop it. We are part of the front line of attack. Remember David and Goliath? We are here to help small business succeed, and that you can count on”.

Actually OnlyUncle wants to be completely transparent with local businesses to help them grow their sales and continues to campaign for consumers to support their local economy.

OnlyUncle’s mission is to get thousands of signatures started this week and is encouraging everyone, who wants to save the high street to sign up.

The ‘People’s Website’ is determined to demonstrate that there are viable means to get the economy kick started, and that they have a solution that will pay dividends for small business.

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Daily Deal Industry Set For Shake up as New Competitor Launches, the People’s Website is positioning itself to deliver the best promotional platform for businesses to grow with and leave consumers smiling with great savings.

The daily deal industry is set to be turned on its head with the launch of an explosive new website which promises to completely abolish commission charges for businesses listing a deal in order to offer the nation’s SMEs a real opportunity to get back on their feet.

Based in Birmingham, has eliminated all the typical transaction charges businesses using deal and voucher sites to promote their offers are accustomed to paying. There are no commissions, no hidden or added charges, no buy coupon schemes and no other gimmicks, making business simple, straight forward and most importantly, profitable.

Most traditional daily deal portals charge the business a huge percentage of the value of their sale. With the price already heavily discounted to attract shoppers, the business faces making a loss just to make a sale. OnlyUncle’s objective is to turn this sales model on its head to regenerate the country’s high streets and online communities with a great value product, a huge potential marketplace and numerous incentives for businesses.

The site wants to change the way that daily deal sites do business by providing a platform where consumers and businesses can engage with one another in an environment that promotes fair access and great value for all. Rather than taking a huge chunk of the profit from the daily deal sales, Only Uncle has a fixed fee structure which means small businesses can promote themselves on a professional level for less than 1p per day. There are no contracts and no tie-ins with any of its online promotion and daily deal packages.

Vinny Hira, Founder of OnlyUncle said, “Daily deal sites have been gouging businesses and consumers at both ends for far too long with few if any benefits for the business or the buyer. Too many small businesses are vanishing from local communities because they are unable to make ends meet and this has to stop.

“We are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure local businesses, their communities and the economy recover in a sustainable manner. What we are doing is an integral part of that recovery. It’s much more than just doing business. It’s about people.

“We feel so strongly about that that we are putting our money where our mouth is and launching a daily deal site that doesn’t charge commission. We have backed this up with a written commitment and a unique concept which provides a platform to engage consumers and businesses, and that delivers what the business wants, not what the deal site wants.”

Unlike most daily deal sites, OnlyUncle also gives business users the opportunity to interact with the consumer database, allowing them to tailor deals to existing customers.

Business Development Manager Paul DeCouto said, “OnlyUncle is about more than just buying and selling, it’s about bringing the local community together and supporting local businesses – the very life line of every community. The opportunity to network and create relationships is a very significant part of what brings to the table, something that is lacking in the deal site sector at the moment. We offer what is arguably the best promotional platform for SMEs to grow with and succeed, to get people spending and to help turn around small businesses which have been badly hit by the recession.”

To view deals and find out more visit

If you would like to arrange an interview with MD Vinny Hira or require any further information, please contact Paul DeCouto. Tel: 0871 218 0711. Email:

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Do you know Uncle’s Mind?

Understanding how my mind works, is still a massive puzzle to me.

One thing I do love to help me remember things are mind maps.

So I created this one to help me remember all the things that I offer to small businesses on the site.

…and when I see it in this format, it makes me realise all the things I have created for them.

As you can imagine, I am feeling quite impressed with myself.

Cheerios ~ Uncle

ps. Click on the mind map to make it nice and large!

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Are you as excited as I am?

Hello everyone!

I am getting quite excited actually! In a few days time, I will be exposed to the world, well for now it’s just the UK, but I know I will grow beyond that.

I’ve been waiting for this day for a very, very long time.  But you know what they say, “The Truly Great Things in Life are Worth Waiting for!”

There’s been some sad news lately about small businesses on the high street and I am determined to make a difference not only to the small business but also to the consumer who is looking for deals.

My mission is clear and my manifesto says it all;

“Here at we’re starting a movement with the intention to re-ignite people’s interest in local high street stores, and to regenerate community spirit while simultaneously contributing to local economy”.

I don’t know about you but I think it’s genius, even if I say it myself!

OK so it means everyone has to get together to make it work, no small feat, but I know it will happen.  I believe that everyone is fed up with the big giants taking over everything. Now has never been a better time to support your local small business.

And now has never been a better time to encourage consumers to go back to the small business on the high street.

OK that’s all for now, I will be interested what you think and looking forward to spending more time with you all very soon.

Oh and if I can be so presumptuous, welcome to the family.

Remember we open on the 23rd October, just in time for Halloween!


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MADE Festival September 2012 – The Entrepreneurial Festival Sheffield

Introducing you to this year’s Entrepreneur Festival MADE.

‘Set to take place in Sheffield from 19- 21 September, MADE will see 3,000 business leaders take over the city to network, be mentored and make deals.’

Courtesy of Smarta.

‘The number one festival for entrepreneurs in the UK was launched this week by HRH The Duke of York and a host of VIP guests at a glitzy bash in London.

The line-up of speakers for MADE 2012 includes some of the best business minds in the country, including Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones, founder of Cobra Beer Lord Bilmoria, CEO of Seatwave Joe Cohen and Smarta founder Shaa Wasmund.

“MADE is all about encouraging a new generation of entrepreneurs to actually go for it and accelerating businesses through ideas, innovation and inspiration, ” said Michael Hayman, chairman of MADE and co-founder of Seven Hills and StartUp Britain.

The festival is aimed at those running or thinking of launching businesses. King of Shaves founder Will King attended the festival last year and is set to be a speaker on this year’s bill too.

“MADE will be the coolest place to be in September if you want to make a job, not take a job, he said.”

With this in mind, the first day of MADE is focused on tackling youth unemployment by helping young people start their own businesses. Coined The ‘E20: The Entrepreneur’s Summit’ this special event will see 20 of the UK’s top entrepreneurs come together to develop an action plan to inspire more of the younger generation to become entrepreneurs.

“It will be a once-in-a-lifetime group of brilliant business minds that we will be able to share the wisdom they have”, said Hayman.’

You can check out the full programme here.

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‘Economic downturn drives female enterprise upturn.’

We’re pleased to announce that the number of women running their own business is rising.

‘According to an analysis of 100,000 of its customers by XLN Telecom, the proportion of female-run small firms has risen from 20.13% in 2008 to 30.22% in 2012.’

Content courtesy of BusinessZone

‘The number of women running their own business has risen since the start of the credit crunch in 2008, new research reveals.

The study said that the findings suggest that redundancies and the difficulties in getting the right job during the recession may be giving women the drive they need to start up a business, while flexible working conditions are also a big pull.

Another reason, XLN said, may be the types of businesses that women start. With a large percentage of homes in the UK having access to the internet, and little or no start-up costs, setting up a business from home has never been easier.

This gives an advantage to women wanting to start out as accountants, web designers, mobile hairdressers and beauticians compared with traditionally male dominated areas that require expensive premises.

“Women are setting up their own businesses now because they want more flexibility,” said entrepreneur Catherine Longton, who runs specialist book shop Moorland Books in Oldham.

“Many women want to manage work and home life easily so running businesses from home and going into partnerships with likeminded women means they can get a better work/life balance.

“An economic downturn can be a good time to take the plunge, as there is more availability of vacant premises and landlords prepared to be more flexible. If you can survive the downturn, your business will be thriving in the better times!”‘

Picture by cmi_managers

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Coming soon! Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012

Are you ready for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012?

Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place on 12-18 November 2012 and as the economy continues to stutter, it has never been more important to create a more entrepreneurial UK.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship, taking place in 115 countries.

Last year over 900 partner organisations got involved in the week here in the UK, helping us to reach 213,000 people through 2,305 activities.

From endorsement from the Prime Minister through to practical workshops for entrepreneurs and activities in schools and colleges, we believe that the 2011 campaign gave people the tools, confidence and networks to enable them to start up their own business.

So, what’s next?

In 2012, we’ll be using Global Entrepreneurship Week UK to ‘pass on’ the practical help & support needed by early start-ups and individuals who are considering taking the plunge.

Our aim is to create a collaborative, local and practical week which enables people to learn more about the wealth of support that is available to entrepreneurs in the UK.

Through the week, we want to:

  • Encourage those people who are not yet entrepreneurs to think about starting up their own business
  • Improve entrepreneurship skills for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Help people to access practical support – locally, regionally and nationally

Watch this space for more GEW 2012 news!



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News: UK’s small firms divided over future growth strategies.

At, we like to know what’s happening at the heart of UK SMEs.

And that’s why we want to show to you the highlights of ‘Thinking Bigger Report‘ issued by SAP (UK).

Cortesy of SAP.

‘The ‘Thinking Bigger’ Report, issued today by SAP (UK) Limited indicates that UK SMEs are considerably optimistic about their growth expectations for the year ahead, with more than 95% of SMEs citing growth as their number one goal. Despite the negative economic outlook and ongoing disruption throughout the Eurozone, the majority of SMEs are expecting to not only survive but also prosper, anticipating 10% year-on-year growth.

In addition to positive sentiments towards growth, the report found that SMEs fall into distinct camps when it comes to their approach to achieving this goal: ‘Accelerators’ who are more bullish, aiming to grow their business ahead of industry norms, and ‘Stabilisers’ who are relatively less ambitious and seek to grow in line with competitors.

The independent industry report, commissioned by SAP, of 250 senior managers from UK-based SMEs explores their appetite and capabilities for growth, focusing on four key areas: technology, innovation, money and finance, and management. The survey results demonstrate the extent to which these areas are being exploited by SMEs in order to achieve competitive advantage.

Key findings of the report include:

  • 96% of SMEs are looking to grow their businesses and more than eight in ten (81%) are confident in achieving their planned growth objectives
  • Just under half (48%) of SMEs are expecting to grow by more than 10% year-on year
  • 30% of SMEs are seeking to grow at a faster rate than their competitors, whilst two thirds (66%) are expecting to grow in line with the competition
  • Over two in five SMEs rate growth over commercial stability, seeing it as a greater priority for the next two years
  • SMEs are most likely to rate money and finance as key drivers for growth (62%), followed by innovation (56%), management (49%) and technology (33%)

In terms of the relative challenges each of the four key areas present, SMEs cite money and finance to be the biggest issue (49%), followed by innovation (23%), with management and technology both regarded as less problematic (14% each).

John Antunes, director SME & Channels SAP UKI, said: “The findings from the report are encouraging for SMEs of all size and industry. Maintaining a positive outlook is key for SMEs to ensure they continue on their growth course despite a volatile economy, which has now become the ‘new norm’.”

Dr. Rebecca Harding, CEO of Delta Economics, comments: “These findings demonstrate how SMEs are innovating and growing to keep our economy afloat during difficult times. It is encouraging to see just how important innovation is and that businesses will keep innovating even in tough times. Success is non-negotiable and although growth is not a strategic priority for many at the time being, this is an understandable by-product of the fact that finance is tight.”

In stark contrast to the ambitions for growth amongst UK SMEs, just 4% claimed to not be looking to grow their business.

Antunes concludes, “In recessionary times some observers would assume that UK SMEs are happy to ‘batten down the hatches’ or consolidate their current market position. This report shows the contrary. There is actually significant appetite amongst UK SME businesses to be ambitious and grow,whether this is at a conservative rate as indicated by the ‘Stabilisers’, or more aggressively as shown by the ‘Accelerators’. Thinking Bigger involves spending valuable resource wisely in key areas that will have maximum impact on business performance, better equipping SMEs to adapt to the ‘new norm’; SAP intends to help SMEs achieve this.” ‘

The full Thinking Bigger report is now available for download at:


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