Daily Deals Site Announces It Will Pay Shoppers £10 Per Recommendation With New Referral Scheme

With family debts creeping up by 13% last quarter and household incomes falling by 7% since May , the UK’s poorest families are being offered the chance to top up their incomes by a brand new daily deal site – OnlyUncle.com

OnlyUncle.com launched earlier this year to help small businesses enjoy a slice of the multi-million pound daily deals market without the hefty commission fees associated with similar services, the site is now turning its attention to the rest of the local community. It has launched an innovative referral programme which rewards shoppers with a £10 cash back payment for every business they recommend to OnlyUncle.com.

OnlyUncle.com founder Vinny Hira said, “We know all too well that it’s not just small businesses that are struggling in this financial climate. People are working harder and stretching their incomes too and in many cases, struggling to make ends meet. Our new partner referral programme is a great way to generate extra income. It’s important to note that we want to share our future with people everywhere. OnlyUncle is more than just a deal site. It belongs to the people.”

The new comprehensive rewards and referral package from OnlyUncle.com not only helps shoppers to earn money by recommending local businesses, it also encourages stronger links between local high streets and local shoppers by providing cash bonuses for the most sales.

The cash for referrals scheme has been kept deliberately simple to make it as easy as possible for shoppers of all ages and technical abilities to top up their incomes. Most significantly, the £10 per subscription payment made by the daily deals site for each recommendation is uncapped, meaning there is unlimited potential to generate a second source of income as the festive season approaches.

OnlyUncle.com Business Development Manager Paul DeCouto said, “There are so many affiliate programmes and incentive schemes around that limit earning potential and impose strict conditions, that our primary objective with our referral package was that it must be simple. We don’t want to make it impossible to take cash out or set unrealistic targets. As the people’s website, we wanted to reward people each and every time they recommend a business to us. It’s a simple straight forward structure that offers excellent returns for participants. And you don’t need to be an affiliate expert or marketer. With ongoing support and promotional efforts, partners will be in a position to earn without limitation. The best part is that it’s 100% free. People interested in becoming a referral partner just have to register to get started.”

In addition to the fixed fee payment of £10 for each referred business joining OnlyUncle.com, the small business promotion experts are offering a monthly cash prize of as much as £10,000 for those making the most sales. During the launch period, the bonus is doubled meaning the first shoppers to encourage their local stores to sign up could win £20,000.

Spreading the word is made easy with a personal unique link for each person signing up to refer businesses. The link can be shared via existing social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter, turning connections into cash at the click of a button.

Note to Editors: If you would like to arrange an interview with MD Vinny Hira or require any further information, please contact Paul DeCouto. Tel: 0871 218 0711. Email: pauldecouto@onlyuncle.com

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